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How to Instantiate HTML Template Elements

7 min read

I'm excited about template elements. There's no specified way of instantiating them, so let's talk about where they come from, why we use them, and how to instantiate them. Mommy, where do template elements come from? Most likel…

Built-In and Custom Traits in JavaScript

13 min read

The Problem Polymorphism is important in any language and while it is very easy to write polymorphic code in JavaScript, it is relatively hard to manage that code. Without explicit types you must either assume the structure of a…

Distributed Web Applications

8 min read

I’m a big believer in distributed systems. It is easy to see the need for distributed systems when we see the existing digital infrastructure being tested by COVID-19 levels of load. Unfortunately, distributing a system is not u…

Finite State Machines and JavaScript

13 min read

Writing correct software is hard. Whether you’re using functional programming or finite state machines, understanding the problem you’re solving and understanding your code are both required for correctness. Async functions and …

Introduction to Programming 3: Boolean’s, Logic, and Conditionals

6 min read

Till now, I’ve given you no method of telling the computer how to make decisions. You currently don’t have a Turing Complete understanding of JavaScript. Turing Complete means that a machine or language has the functionality req…

Introduction to Programming 2: Getting started

9 min read

How do you get started programming? You press control+shift+i if your on Chrome, Firefox or Edge. To open the developer tools for Safari I Googled it for you: http://wickedlysmart.com/hfjsconsole/. This brings up the developer t…

Introduction to Programming 1: Background

4 min read

Programming has its roots in mathematics. Every (sane) programming language has an underlying model of computation. Those underlying models have been proven to have equal power, that is that anything which can be done in one can…